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Welcome to The Essential WordPress Handbook

We’ve researched the competition, and we’ve filled the gap. While there are many other WordPress courses and workshops you could consider, ours is the only live, deep-dive, fully instructor-led course. We don’t just teach you the basics of WordPress. We teach you how to become a WordPress web designer.

We offer a deep dive into what is truly possible in WordPress. Unlike other workshops we’ve seen, we don’t stop at simply teaching you how to customize a theme—you’ll also learn how to turn it into a truly unique website experience. We equip you with knowledge of best UX/UI practices, the latest and greatest tools, themes, plugins, and SEO to help your website perform at a high level. After completing our 1-day workshops, you’ll have the tools and knowledge, and support you need to keep learning and developing your WordPress web design skills.

What’s Inside Our Book

WordPress.org. It’s the perfect platform for beginners, and with some practice (and our course!) you can be come an advanced WordPress web designer for your clients or your business.

Performance, speed, and SEO. Creating a beautiful website is just the first step. It must also function at a high-level to show up on the first page in a Google search and keep people on your site.

Plugins and forms. With the vast array of WordPress plugins available, it’s difficult to know which to use, or how they could potentially affect the performance of your website. We’ll teach you about our favorite plugins and how to properly use them.

Slide shows, video, and special effects. You’ll learn how to add a little (tasteful) pizazz to your website.

UX/UI design and graphics. Though this isn’t a graphic design course, you’ll learn the basics of wireframing, using a Figma prototype, layout, WordPress style guide customization, and how to resize, color correct, and save photographs and images in the right formats (using Canva or Photoshop).

Blogs, posts and pages. WordPress started out as a blogging platform. You’ll learn how to configure a blog for your website, and the difference between creating pages vs. posts.

Hosting, security, and domains. Working with hosting providers can be challenging. We’ll teach you how to properly set up your hosting and security settings.

Lots, lots more. Visit our Workshop page to view the class curriculum!

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